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Life Coaching can be seen to be similar to a few modalities:
As in Humanistic Psychotherapy the focus is on helping the client reach
their optimum state of well-being,rather than seeking out and
identifying ‘issues’

Like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) it is experimental in nature.
The client tries out new strategies to see what works for them. There is
also a high level of both perceptual and behavioural change. The aim is to help
clients to shift perceptions and change behaviour to get optimal

Life coaching also has a degree of modelling of others and self. The
client is assisted in modelling and replicating strategies that they, or
others, have previously used successfully.

The main thing that makes LifeCoaching different is its priority to
guide clients and make skills available..
Teaching, or coaching, the client is fundamental to the approach.

So as part of a typical coaching relationship, clients are typically

Strategic plans for handling specific  situations.


New ways to behave. Either in public or private.


New ways of perceiving different situations.


Negotiation skills


Relaxation skills to help them loosen up, release tensions and stress.


Self-care regimens, routines, and skills that'll boost their self-esteem.


Personal development tips and skills.


Strategies for building networks

So if you feel you would like to explore your best self, please contact me and we can have a free initial 30 minute session subsequent sessions will be £25 for an hour with concessionary rates available.

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