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 The BACP defines supervision as a specialised form of mentoring provided for practitioners responsible for undertaking challenging work with people. Supervision is provided to ensure standards, enhance quality, advance learning, stimulate creativity, and support the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken."

Supervision offers you a reflective space in which to develop practice and so benefits client safety. All aspects of your practice should be open to supervision.

I have recently completed a Level 6 Counselling Supervision Course which meets BACP curriculum standards and am currently offering free supervision sessions ideally to students or recently qualified counsellors. I am fully supported with this by my own supervisor , who is BACP & UKCP accredited and am fully insured to undertake this activity.

The first 20 hours of supervision will be free to anyone who would like to book supervision sessions with me. Thereafter the session rate will be £30 & a concessionary rate can be offered. .

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